Implement Static NAT on Cisco ASA Using the CLI

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Implement Static NAT on Cisco ASA ASDM


The Cisco ASA provides advanced stateful firewall and VPN concentrator functionality in one device, and for some models, integrated services modules such as IPS. The ASA includes many advanced features, such as multiple security contexts (similar to virtualized firewalls), clustering (combining multiple firewalls into a single firewall), transparent (Layer 2) firewall or routed (Layer 3) firewall operation, advanced inspection engines, IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, and clientless SSL VPN support, and many more features.

5.3 Implement NAT on Cisco ASA 9.x

5.3.a Static
This is a one-to-one permanent mapping. If you have 100 internal users and 100 global addresses, a one-to-one mapping can be done for every user. We do not usually have enough global addresses for each user. A typical use of a static mapping is this:
We have a server on the inside of our network, or perhaps on a demilitarized zone (DMZ) interface off of our firewall, and we want to allow devices on the Internet access to that specific device.

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