Elastic Block Store (EBS) Tutorial | Amazon Web Services

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Elastic Block Store (EBS), which allows you to create block storage for components like EC2 instances to have the needed storage (drives).
So if, for example, you want to spin up a Linux instance in EC2, you can store it on Elastic Block Storage, and you will have nice persistent storage for the EC2 instance.

An alternative to Elastic Block Store when it comes to block storage, and that is called an instance store (ephemeral store (Temporary)).
Keep in mind that ephemeral storage still has its place in AWS because it can be faster and cheaper than EBS.
When you enter EC2 and select a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to spin up an EC2 instance, notice that every single root device type that is used will be EBS.
So, Elastic Block Store will be the default for your storage.

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