CCNA Security IINS Topics | Configure and verify SNMP v3 Lab Day 9

2.1.c Configure and verify secure access through SNMP v3 using an ACL

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Open standard protocol, uses traps (receive no reply) has limitations (cannot retrieve batches of information)

SNMPv2 & 2c:

Addition of Informs (receives and responds)community string


Enhanced Security Authentication: ensures that traps are read by intended party only. Uses “Engine ID” to identify each SNMP entity. EngineID used to generate key for authenticated messages. Privacy: encrypts SNMP data.

SNMPv3 Security Levels:

  • NoAuthNoPriv – no authentication password is exchanged, communication is not encrypted. SNMP request are authorized based on username match.
  • AuthNoPriv – password authentication based on hash but no encryption
  • AuthPriv – authentication is used and encryption is used. This requires the router to have the crypto set features on the image.

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