Anyconnect IKEv2, SSLVPN, ClientLess SSLVPN, and FlexVPN Spoke

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Anyconnect IKEv2

AnyConnect-EAP, also known as aggregate authentication, allows a Flex Server to authenticate the AnyConnect client using the Cisco proprietary AnyConnect-EAP method. Unlike standard based Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) methods such as EAP-Generic Token Card (EAP-GTC), EAP- Message Digest 5 (EAP-MD5) and so on, the Flex Server does not operate in EAP pass-through mode. All EAP communication with the client terminates on the Flex Server and the required session key used to construct the AUTH payload is computed locally by the Flex Server. The Flex Server has to authenticate itself to the client using certificates as required by the IKEv2 RFC.

Anyconnect SSLVPN

Cisco SSL AnyConnect VPN is a real trend these days – it allows remote users to access enterprise networks from anywhere on the Internet through an SSL VPN gateway using a web browser. During the establishment of the SSL VPN with the gateway, the client downloads and installs the AnyConnect VPN client from VPN gateway. This feature allows easy access to services within the company’s network and simplifies the VPN configuration on the SSL VPN gateway, reducing dramatically the administrative overhead for system administrators.

ClientLess SSLVPN

Clientless SSL VPN creates a secure, remote-access VPN tunnel to an ASA using a Web browser without requiring a software or hardware client. It provides secure and easy access to a broad range of Web resources and both web-enabled and legacy applications from almost any device that can connect to the Internet via HTTP.

FlexVPN Spoke to Spoke

The FlexVPN Spoke to Spoke feature integrates NHRP and FlexVPN client (spoke) to establish a direct crypto channel with another client in an existing FlexVPN network. The connections are built using virtual tunnel interfaces (VTI), IKEv2 and NHRP, where NHRP is used for resolving the FlexVPN clients in the network.

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