1.1.a Describe GETVPN CCNP Security SIMOS

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Group Encrypted Transport

Cisco Group Encrypted Transport VPN, eliminates the need for compromise between network intelligence and data privacy in private WAN environments. Service providers can finally offer managed encryption without a provisioning and management nightmare since GET VPN simplifies the provisioning and management of VPN. GET VPN defines a new category of VPN, one that does not use tunnels.

Simplifies branch-to-branch instantaneous communications — Ensures low latency and jitter by enabling full-time, direct communications between sites, without requiring transport through a central hub Maximizes security — Provides encryption for MPLS networks while maintaining network intelligence such as full-mesh connectivity, natural routing path, and quality of service (QoS) Complies with governmental regulation and privacy laws — Helps you meet security compliance and internal regulation by encrypting all WAN traffic Offers management flexibility — Eliminates complex peer-to-peer key management with group encryption keys

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